Labradorite Beauty

  • $130.00

Another precious and spiritual stone, Labradorite is believed to negate the wearers undesirable qualities and help bring out the goodness within. It promotes healthy communication with others and courtesy with ones self. 

This ring features an 18 carat Labradorite cabochon set in a Sterling Silver bezel. Twisted wire wrapped around the stone compliments the size without distracting from the natural beauty of the untreated piece. Exposed to various lighting, the face of the stone transforms from an earthy brown/green color to a captivating peacock blue that almost glows.

Note: The stone featured in this ring is unique, therefore only one ring is available for purchase. However, we may design similar pieces in the future or you can place a custom order with your exact expectations and we will try our best to match them.

Item Specifics:

18 carat Labradorite Cushion Cabochon

Sterling Silver